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DrakeDog is one of the worlds most famous World of Warcraft players. He is especially recognized within the old-school Warlock and PvP communities for his well known seduce->nuke tactics. He has officially released 8 movies, but has also uploaded shorter clips in the past. His movies on WarcraftMovies.com have reached more than 2,750,000 total downloads, making him second on the Warcraftmovies.com Hall of Fame. DrakeDog can be found on the Korean server Azshara.

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Movie Drakedog 9 released and Download Links!

WCM Stream


* 2005 DrakeDog 1
* 2005 DrakeDog 2
* 2005 DrakeDog 3
* 2005 DrakeDog 4
* 2005 DrakeDog 2vs3 Feat. Sirasony
* 2005 The Evil Empire Promotion Video
* 2005 DrakeDog 5
* 2006 DrakeDog - RIP
* 2006 The Evil Empire Promotion Video 2
* 2006 DesertEagle+DrakeDog - The Arathi Battle
* 2006 DrakeDog 6
* 2007 DrakeDog 7
* 2007 DrakeDog 7 Next
* 2008 DrakeDog 8
* 2010 DrakeDog 9
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